Samsung galaxy A80 price in India- Review , Specifications, Processor , Battery , Images, Colours , Storage Options and Many more

Samsung galaxy A80 price in India- Review , Specifications, Processor , Battery , Images, Colours , Storage Options and Many more

Samsung galaxy A80 price in India- Review , Specifications, Processor , Battery , Images, Colours , Storage Options and Many more

Highlights : Samsung Galaxy A80

On one hand, it looks pretty innovative with its pop-up and twist cameras, and being a part of the A series, follows the strategy the whole has devised. On the opposite, its real-world capabilities and rating appear puzzling, for wish of a more robust word. be a part of American state as I try and puzzle out what the Galaxy A80 is, and what it might are.
Samsung galaxy A80 price in India- Review , Specifications, Processor , Battery , Images, Colours , Storage Options and Many more
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Design and show : Samsung galaxy A80

The Galaxy A80 is pretty distinctive, all because of its triple cameras that pop and rotate to face the front, effectively creating the rear shooters double up as selfie snappers too. So far, we’ve seen Samsung shave off bezels from its smartphones by taking the notched show route, with its eternity V and eternity O implementations. The Galaxy A80 takes a special route tho', and offers what Samsung calls the New eternity show, promising a distraction-free usage expertise while not resorting to a notch.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Display 

The glass-clad phone is actually quite giant and serious, with the 6.7-inch FHD+ show taking centerstage at front. The Super AMOLED show with 20:9 ratio is incredibly capable too, providing vivid colors, deep blacks, ample brightness levels and wide viewing angles. The immersive expertise is additional accentuated by the actual fact that there’s no headphone either. The phone uses screen sound technical school to relay decision audio, with the result that callers tend to sound a shade hollow and also the volume looks low as compared to phones with regular earpieces. There’s AN in-display fingerprint sensing element, with the ability key placed on the proper spine and volume keys on the left. 

Samsung galaxy A80 price in India- Review , Specifications, Processor , Battery , Images, Colours , Storage Options and Many more

Samsung Galaxy A80 Design 

The top of the phone is barren, whereas all-time low holds the dual-SIM receptacle, a USB Type-C port, and also the speaker. Switch to the rear, and every one you’ll see is that the Samsung stigmatisation and also the giant camera module on prime. value mentioning that the Galaxy A80 doesn’t supply a memory receptacle, therefore you’re curst the 128GB storage in-built. There’s no three.5mm audio jack either, and whereas you don’t get a Type-C to three.5mm electronic device within the box, you are doing a try of wired earphones that feature a Type-C instrumentality.

Overview : Samsung galaxy A80

Coming to its headlining feature, the Galaxy A80 boasts a special mechanism for its pop-up cameras. The camera module utilises AN innovative teeth, rail and hook mechanism that needs just one motor. therefore once you switch to the front shooter within the camera app, alittle portion of the phone’s back panel holding the camera module slides up, and also the oval-shaped module rotates to face the front in one seamless motion. whereas the movement isn’t extremely the quickest we’ve seen until date, it’s not agonisingly slow either. Disappointingly tho', the phone doesn’t supply a face unlock feature, therefore you’re curst the in-display fingerprint scanner for authentication. Moreover, same fingerprint scanner could be a shade uncertain too, and not the foremost correct or quickest out there.

Samsung galaxy A80 price in India- Review , Specifications, Processor , Battery , Images, Colours , Storage Options and Many more

Samsung galaxy A80 camera Setup
The triple rear camera setup, that is additionally the triple front camera setup within the Galaxy A80’s case, includes a 48MP f/2.0 Sony IMX 586 sensing element, in conjunction with AN 8MP ultra-wide f/2.2 sensing element and a 3D depth ToF sensing element. obtainable shooting modes embrace Live focus (for bokeh), Pro, Night, slow-mo and hyperlapse, among others. There’s an excellent slow-mo mode yet, and also the shooter will record 4K videos yet. There’s AN HDR possibility hidden within camera settings, and you furthermore may get Scene Optimiser for automatic improvement of shots supported the scene.

Samsung Galaxy A80 screen

On paper, these specs and options look nice, particularly once you think about that an equivalent setup is used for normal photography yet as for capturing selfies. and also the Galaxy A80 will deliver, particularly in daylight shots. pictures captured in daylight look sensible across totally different shooting eventualities, together with landscapes, close-ups etc. That said, there’s visible loss of detail once pictures square measure zoomed in, and subjects like foliage, once shot from a distance, sometimes seem mushy. The live focus mode churns out good pictures tho', and even permits you to vary the extent of background blur, and post shooting, add varied effects. Having a optical lens possibility is extremely helpful, however there’s distortion visible on the edges. And once it involves low lightweight, the results square measure acceptable, but again, the detail looks to be missing. mistreatment the night mode will facilitate to some extent, however you wish to stay your hand extremely steady to avoid foggy pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A80 camera

In theory, an equivalent analysis ought to apply to selfies too, since an equivalent camera setup handles shooting at the front yet. Inexplicably, Samsung selected to disable the optical device once the camera flips to the front at the start. However, a recent software package update has enabled optical device for the selfie mode, and post that, the output quality for shots captured with the snapper facing the front has improved. You get each live focus yet as optical lens choices for selfies, and again, the pictures look sensible as so much because the lightweight conditions square measure sensible, however fail to impress in low lightweight. In one more difficult  move, the Galaxy A80 takes the screen flash route to illuminate selfies (if you’ve enabled the flash), and ignores the light-emitting diode flash that is an element of an equivalent camera module that twists to face the front.

Software and performance

As so much because the software package worries, you get Samsung’s OneUI with automaton Pie, complete with the standard frills like Bixby, Samsung Pay, support for themes, and Digital welfare. The set of preloaded apps conjointly sticks to the norms, with apps from Samsung, Microsoft and also the commonplace fare from Google, in conjunction with others like Spotify and Netflix. I won’t get into too several details here, however it’s value mentioning that Samsung’s scheme of apps and services is sort of nice, once you get into it properly, and apps like Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass and Samsung Health square measure handy.
Samsung Galaxy A80 Performance is taken care of by the new flower 730G chipset, that is mated to eight gigs of RAM and 128GB non-expandable storage. In fact, the Galaxy A80 is that the terribly 1st phone in Bharat to return with this chipset. The flower 730G is that the tweaked version of the SD 730 chip we have a tendency to 1st saw within the Redmi K20, and options improved graphics. No surprise then that the A80 will handle intensive gambling with relative ease, and games like PUBG run swimmingly even on high graphics settings. daily tasks and multitasking isn’t a haul, and usage remains swish.

Samsung Galaxy A80  Battery life 

The 3,700mAh battery might not sound as powerful because the higher rated ones several phones go together with lately, however provides enough juice for you to eke out a full operating day with medium usage. As always, your mileage might vary relying upon use, however supported real-life usage and also the PCMark battery check results of eight hours thirty seven minutes, I will vouch for the phone’s solid battery life. The battery supports 25W quick charging, therefore is juiced up pretty quickly too

Conclusion : Samsung galaxy A80 

Did I mention that the Galaxy A80 could be a strange beast? interloper things (pun intended) have happened within the smartphone world before, no doubt, however the value tag of Rs forty seven,990 for this device actually looks difficult . You see, that rating puts it into premium territory and takes it terribly on the point of Samsung’s own S series vary of flagship smartphones. Sure, the pop-up twist camera could be a twist within the tale, however this innovation alone might not be enough to justify the A80’s high tag, particularly if you inspect different innovative smartphones like the ASUS 6Z (review) and also the OPPO city 10x Zoom Edition (review). each these devices have their own distinctive combat camera-related and bezel-less show innovation, sport the a lot of powerful flower 855 chipset, and generally, supply a lot of bang for the buck. Speaking of bang for the buck, the OnePlus seven professional (review) is additionally a awfully worthy possibility within the same worth vary because the Galaxy A80. Basically, the Galaxy A80 wants improvement in its shooting capabilities and a cut for it to seem as a compelling possibility. That said, those pop-twist shooters square measure nice spoken language starters, if that’s one thing that rocks your boat

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