Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40: Best All-Rounder?

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40: Best All-Rounder?

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40: Best All-Rounder?

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  • The Redmi K20 is that the initial phone with a flower 730 SoC
  • The Realme X offers a contemporary, all-screen style for beneath Rs. 20,000
  • The Samsung Galaxy M40 is compact and simple to hold around

We simply did a mega comparison between four of the foremost common phones beneath Rs. 20,000 in Bharat these days — the Vivo Z1 pro (Review), the Redmi Note 7 Pro(Review), the Realme 3 pro(Review), and therefore the Samsung Galaxy M40 (Review). it absolutely was the Samsung Galaxy M40 that clothed  to be the most effective all arounder, provided you'll afford to pay the premium that it commands. Since we tend to did that comparison, 2 new models have already emerged to challenge it — the Realme X (Review) and therefore the Redmi K20(Review).

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40: Best All-Rounder?

Samsung's providing is priced identically to the top-end variant of the Realme X, that really makes the 2 models direct competitors. The Redmi K20  21,999 prices simply a number of thousand rupees quite each these phones, however it may be another wonderful possibility, considering the options it offers. that one do you have to pick?

The only thanks to settle this is often to check the planning, features, performance, software, and battery lifetime of the Redmi K20, Realme X, and Samsung Galaxy M40 to examine if we've a transparent winner. If you were questioning that is that the best smartphone to shop for for around Rs. 20,000 right away .

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40 style and show :

All 3 of those phones look trendy, have near-bezel-free displays, and are simple to hold around. The Samsung Galaxy M40 has the tiniest footprint of the 3 and is additionally the lightest and slimmest. the location of the amount rocker isn't the most effective, as it's a bit exhausting to achieve. You get a hybrid dual-SIM receptacle, that the internal storage will be swollen, in contrast to the opposite 2, though provided that you're willing to sacrifice a second SIM.

The body of the Samsung Galaxy M40 is made from plastic and therefore the back panel will acquire scuffs pretty simply. There's conjointly a electrical phenomenon fingerprint sensing element rather than associate in-display one such as you get on the Redmi K20 and Realme X. The phone jack is missing, and in situ of a conventional headphone, Samsung uses a screen vibration technique to deliver sound, that works well.

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40: Best All-Rounder?

The Realme X is that the largest of the 3 and is additionally perceptibly heavier than the Samsung Galaxy M40. One-handed use isn't the best, even though you've got giant hands. Thankfully, the buttons are additional ergonomically placed. You get a phone jack, yet as associate in-display fingerprint sensing element and a pop-up selfie camera. You don't get expandable storage although, that shouldn't be a large issue considering there's 128GB aboard. The body is made mistreatment polycarbonate, that feels premium, and therefore the back contains a laminated layer, that fortunately, doesn't scuff too simply.

However, neither of them quite match up to the build quality and end of the Redmi K20. This phone is slightly taller, wider, and thicker than the Galaxy M40, however it's not as cumbersome to use because the Realme X. The body is additionally engineered mistreatment Series 6000 metal and therefore the back has great ape Glass five, that is sort of spectacular

One facet impact of this, though, is that the Redmi K20 quite slippery. just like the Realme X, you get a phone jack, a pop-up selfie camera, associated an in-display fingerprint sensing element. during this department, we'd decide the Redmi K20 for its wonderful build quality and comparatively compact size. It conjointly has the foremost hanging hunt for the rear panel, amongst the 3.

Coming to the displays, the Samsung Galaxy M40 contains a PLS TFT digital display display, that produces smart colors, high levels of brightness, and tight viewing angles. There's a small vignetting impact round the edges of the show, that is just noticeable against a white background, thus this isn't an enormous issue.

The Samsung Galaxy M40 conjointly contains a hole-punch front camera, that isn't as distracting as a notch. It can even be covert, however in doing thus, you lose out on some screen area. There's scratch protection too however it's solely great ape Glass three.

The Realme X and therefore the Redmi K20 have similar-looking notch-free and hole-free displays, which suggests there's no interruption once viewing your content. All you see could be a big screen, stretching from one corner to the opposite. We've began to see such displays acquire steam this year and it's crazy that we tend to currently have such immersive styles at such low costs. each of those phones even have great ape Glass five for scratch protection, and have full-HD+ AMOLED panels. because of this, colors are additional vivid and higher saturated, and blacks look ink-black.

The displays on all 3 phones have smart brightness and turn out wealthy colors. The Realme X and Redmi K20 Pro supply punchier colors and higher black levels, because of their AMOLED panels. The Realme X has slightly hotter colors compared to the Redmi K20. we tend to watched a number of 4K videos streamed on-line, and in our expertise, the Redmi K20 had the foremost correct colors and best brightness. Plus, the very fact that it's conjointly HDR certified could be a massive bonus.

It's a detailed decision between the Realme X and therefore the Redmi K20, however the winner of this section is that the Redmi K20. Its show will reach the best brightness of all, at 600nits, and is HDR certified, which suggests you'll profit of the broader color gamut that compatible HDR videos supply.

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40 specifications and software package

A lot of people's shopping for choices square measure influenced by the processor or the quantity of RAM a phone has, and for them, the Redmi K20 can look mighty appealing. it is the 1st phone with the Qualcomm flower 730 SoC, that is AN absolute beast of a chip for the mid-range market. It uses AN 8nm fabrication method, therefore it's power economical. It options eight Kryo 470 CPU cores and a replacement Adreno 618 GPU. the bottom model of the Redmi K20 has 64GB of storage, that isn't plenty considering you cannot expand it. there's a 128GB version too priced at Rs. 23,999, and each have 6GB of RAM. we'd have likable 8GB on the upper storage variant, considering the worth.

The Realme X has the second-most powerful chip among the 3, the Qualcomm flower 710 that is constructed on a 10nm method and has slightly weaker Kryo 360 CPU cores. The Realme X has all-time low quantity of RAM (4GB) in its base variant priced at Rs. 16,999, however 128GB of storage is commonplace for each. the upper priced one at Rs. 19,999 has 8GB of RAM, that are a few things spec-lovers can appreciate.

The Samsung Galaxy M40 isn't any slouch either. It options the flower 675 SoC and is merely out there in one configuration — that is 6GB RAM and 128GB storage — for Rs. 19,990 . This SoC has sensible {cpu|central methoding unitperformance however is constructed on a relatively larger 11nm fabrication process. Also, the GPU here is not as powerful as compared to the opposite 2.
The Redmi K20 runs on MIUI ten, that is additionally fairly up-to-date with the June golem security patch. just like the different 2 UIs, there is a ton of customisation to be had, and whereas new users would possibly take it slow to induce at home with the interface, existing Xiaomi users ought to be right reception. If you've got used a Xiaomi phone before, you may apprehend that obtaining spammed with ads may be a huge downside. The ads have reduced quite an bit on the K20, however notifications square measure still one thing you have got to measure with.

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40 performance and battery life

None of the phones gave US any problems with day-after-day usage. Apps load quickly, all the interfaces square measure fluid with none noticeable lag, and play performance is additionally sensible. The Redmi K20 and also the Realme X run cool for the foremost half, except once stressed, at which era they get a bit heat. The Samsung Galaxy M40 on the opposite hand heats up terribly simply, and once play, the phone gets fairly hot. this is often largely all the way down to the flower 675, that is understood to induce hot simply. we tend to featured an equivalent issue with the Redmi Note seven Pro₹ fourteen,960 (Review) too, that has an equivalent SoC.

In terms of raw CPU and GPU power although, there is not any beating the Redmi K20. for example, within the AnTuTu benchmark, the Redmi K20 came 214,687 points, compared to a hundred and fifty five,897 points from the Realme X and also the 171,177 points from the Samsung Galaxy M40. The quicker CPU cores within the Samsung Galaxy M40 modify it to beat out the Realme X. However, in play benchmarks, the flower 710 and 730 do perform higher. within the GFXBench T-Rex take a look at, the Samsung Galaxy M40 solely managed 38fps, whereas the Realme X did 54fps and Redmi K20 managed 58fps.

All 3 phones have fast fingerprint sensors. The electrical phenomenon one on the Samsung Galaxy M40 is dependable, however the in-display sensors on the Realme X and also the Redmi K20 square measure nearly as quick. we tend to even have face recognition on all 3 phones, and to our surprise, it is the Realme X that clad to be the quickest.

Between the 2 phones with pop-up front cameras, the Realme X is faster at ejecting and retracting the camera module. amazingly, even compared to the Samsung Galaxy M40 that contains a ancient front camera, the Realme X continues to be slightly quicker at unlocking itself.

All 3 phones have one bottom-firing speaker, therefore none turn out stereo sound. Of the 3, the Samsung Galaxy M40 has all-time low most volume of the 3, and its sound may be a bit tinny. The Realme X and Redmi K20 have higher volume levels and sound richer.

All phones will deliver day-long battery life, however the Redmi K20 manages to edge out the others due to its 4000mAh capability. The Realme X has the second largest battery at 3765mAh, followed by the Galaxy M40 with a 3500mAh capability. The Redmi K20 conjointly fared okay in our HD video battery loop take a look at, lasting for quite twenty four hours.

All phones support quick charging. The Realme X ships with a 20W charger, compared to AN 18W charger with the Redmi K20 and a 15W charger with the Galaxy M40. Xiaomi conjointly offers AN elective 27W SonicCharge charger, if you would like even quicker charging.

Realme X vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung Galaxy M40 cameras

All 3 phones have high-resolution primary rear sensors, however, the Samsung Galaxy M40 and Redmi K20have versatile extra cameras. The Realme X additionally incorporates a second camera, however it's just for depth calculation. the first sensors of all 3 phones have massive apertures for higher low-light shots. The Redmi K20 additionally incorporates a 20-mega pixel selfie camera, compared to the 16-mega pixel sensors on each the others.

In daylight, the Realme X captured the foremost balanced pictures, with smart details within the sky, smart saturation, and fairly smart detail within the shadows. The Redmi K20 came during a shut second, with equally smart colors and detail however some parts of the sky were overexposed. The Galaxy M40 needed some coaxing before it fast focus, and colors looked relatively muted.

The Redmi K20 and Galaxy M40 have helpful optical lens cameras, however between the 2, the Redmi K20 offers higher details and colors, even if the Samsung Galaxy M40 incorporates a slightly wider field of read.

The Redmi K20 is that the solely phone with an extra 8-megapixel photograph camera. This provides smart quality photos after you want 2x optical zoom, and therefore the distinction very well is extremely noticeable compared to the 2x digital zoom on the others

The Realme X did the simplest job with close-up shots taken in daylight also. Details were smart, textures on objects looked natural and not heavily processed, and colors were vivid. The Samsung Galaxy M40 and K20 were tied for second place here, in terms of image quality. The Redmi K20 will have abundant faster optical device than the Galaxy M40, which needs many faucets on the finder to confirm that your subject is focused.

There's portrait mode on all 3 phones and therefore the Galaxy M40 and therefore the Redmi K20 allow you to regulate the background blur before taking an effort, whereas the Realme X does not. In terms of quality, the Redmi K20 very nails it. It uses its photograph camera for capturing portrait shots, and therefore the final image has the simplest details, edge detection, skin tones, and white balance. The Realme X comes in second since the skin tones area unit on the hotter aspect however the sting detection remains smart.

It took tons of effort to induce usable shots from the Galaxy M40, because the latest microcode update looks to own tousled the Live Focus feature. Most of the sample shots we have a tendency to took of individuals had associate degree inverted-blur result —which implies that even if the preview showed a blurred background, the ultimate shot had the background focused and our subject blurred out. this does not appear to happen with objects.

In low light-weight, all phones struggled with capturing smart details in landscape shots. The Redmi K20 applies associate degree aggressive De-noising filter, that is why the darker regions have less noise, however this additionally flattens finer textures a touch. The Realme X incorporates a bit additional noise compared to the Redmi K20, however it will brighten up darker areas a touch additional. The Samsung Galaxy M40 will a good job with details, but again, you'll need to attend for an honest second or 2 for it to lock focus before you'll take the shot.
The Redmi K20 and Realme X have dedicated ‘Night' modes, that captures higher details and colors compared to automobile mode. Between the 2 phones, we have a tendency to found Realme's Nightscape to be simpler in transferral out detail and colors in otherwise dark scenes. the colors do look a touch boosted however details area unit perceptibly higher than the Galaxy M40 .

In close-ups shot beneath artificial light-weight, indoors, it is the Redmi K20 that edges out the Realme X, however solely by atiny low margin. The Samsung Galaxy M40 will a good job with detail too, however the exposure may be a very little off.

For selfies, we have a tendency to found that the Realme X delivered higher skin tones, whereas the Redmi K20 created slightly over-sharpened shots. The Samsung Galaxy M40 created soft pictures, and colors were a touch muted. In low light-weight, the Redmi K20 and therefore the Realme X created the cleanest pictures, though the Redmi K20 edges out the opposite 2 once victimisation the screen flash.

All 3 phones will shoot 4K video, though solely the Redmi K20 stabilises video at this resolution. colors are not too exaggerated, and stabilisation is nice, aside from a awfully slight intermittent stutter once moving concerning. The Realme X focuses well however colors area unit a touch boosted at this resolution. The Samsung Galaxy M40 captures higher colors however continuous optical device is slow, which suggests there area unit temporary moments once things are not focussed.

In low light-weight, it is a toss-up between the Realme X and therefore the Redmi K20. the previous does not have stabilisation and delivers brighter however noisier video; whereas the latter produces cleaner footage however the stabilisation causes some terrible shimmer. Thankfully, stabilisation may be turned off within the Redmi K20. The Samsung Galaxy M40 offers abundant cleaner footage however it is also tons darker and does not look superb.

At 1080p, stabilisation works well on all phones. The Samsung Galaxy M40 redeems itself a touch here however the slow optical device remains a giant issue. The Realme X has smart detail however there's a light shimmer result after you move around. optical device is way faster than with the Samsung Galaxy M40. However, the Redmi K20 pulls ahead with its spectacular continuous optical device, smart stabilisation, and vivid colors.

In low lightweight, image quality is sort of average across all 3. Here, the Redmi K20's footage has visible distortion and inhumation focus hunting; the Realme X has stable footage however its a small amount clangorous, whereas the Samsung Galaxy M40 encompasses a softer image with less noise.

Conclusion : 

Without taking valuation into consideration, it's clear that the Redmi K20 beats the opposite 2 in most areas. it's the simplest style and build quality, a superb show with HDR, excellent app and recreation performance, glorious battery life, and a flexible trio of cameras at the rear. Priced at Rs. 23,999, it's onerous to seek out anything that offers an analogous feature set and will everything thus well.

The Redmi K20 is way from good although. Low-light camera performance is one amongst its weak points; the glass back makes to quite slippery; and ads area unit still gift, though not the maximum amount as before. Then there is the matter of flash sales, that is that the solely method you'll obtain one without delay.

For people who still feel the Redmi K20 is expensive, the Realme X is that the next neatest thing. it is a shut second to the K20 in most areas and for Rs. 4,000 less (than the 128GB model of the Redmi K20), it offers excellent worth. it's the quickest face recognition of the three; capable cameras; a contemporary style, and a vivid show. Our main gripe with it's that it will be a bit too huge to handle.

The Samsung Galaxy M40 might need pop out victorious in our earlier comparison, however compared to those 2 new competitors, it falls a small amount short in most situations. computer code are a few things that it still has going for it, and that we love however compact and lightweight it's. However, watching its overall options and performance, the Redmi K20 and Realme X pop out ahead.

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