Ford Figo Blu TDCi vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift ZDi Comparison Test Review

Ford Figo Blu TDCi vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift ZDi Comparison Test Review

Ford Figo Blu TDCi vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift ZDi Comparison Test Review



They're compact however fun, funky however sensible, not terribly pricey and economical-to-run. this can be basically what involves one's mind once one speaks a few hatchback. The Maruti Swift is, without doubt the main player during this section, however Ford has recently updated their Ford Figo with a replacement top-spec Blu edition. Here's associate in-depth comparison of those 2 before you propose to measure the hatchback life. We'll tell you which ones one is measurably higher than the opposite through our complicated points system.

Size and look

Both cars have a compact footprint and would possibly leave some house to accommodate a two-wheeler, as well, in your parking zone. The Ford Figo facelift with revised bumpers, tweaked headlamps, a replacement honeycomb front grille and new 15-inch alloy wheels appearance higher than its precursor. The blacked-out components on this Blu trim additionally look the half however it's no enticing impact just like the Maruti Swift. With a replacement Heartect platform and its all-new style and styling, Maruti has managed to introduce a hatchback with jazzy styling and a much more premium attractiveness. Be it the intense DRLs, the chunky bits, the floating-roof style or perhaps the crystal rectifier back lights, the hatchback appearance beautiful.

Cabin Comfort and house

Ford Figo Blu TDCi vs Maruti-Suzuki Swift ZDi Comparison Test Review

None of those cars truly reign supreme over the opposite in terms of utility and luxury. each cars have ergonomically-laid cabins, with over four bottle-holders and good range of storage and stowage slots. All an equivalent, the storage slots in Ford Figo's centre console sees higher usage. No soft materials are used. In fact, it is the onerous plastics that liberally adorn each cabins. the look for each cars have evolved clearly, however neither of them possess that wow-factor. yet, front seats in each cars area unit comparatively cozy. Yes, one will sit a touch higher within the Maruti Swift than the Ford Figo, however each have height-adjustable driver seats for locating that excellent driving position and a decent read of the road. Still, the cabin house within the Maruti Swift is without doubt additional, translating into higher headroom, knee-room and legroom. Also, not like the Ford Figo's black prime, Maruti has used lightweighter colored materials that replicate additional light and additionally produce a much better sense of house within. But then, the Maruti Swift boot gets a wider gap and is slightly larger too. what is additional, it gets a 60:40 split possibility for the second row that means additional versatile choices of bags.

Function and Features

Both cars have a nicely appointed interior, with basic comfort and convenience options in a shot to relinquish the owner an expensive expertise. These embrace slightly screen system, reversing camera with parking sensors, USB slots, push-button start/stop, keyless entry, automatic climate management, auto-headlamps among several others. However, there area unit minor variations within the instrumentation list. as an example, the Ford Figo still misses out on DRLs, whereas the Maruti Swift gets further crystal rectifier projector headlights. what is additional, the Ford Figo doesn't have Ford's Sync3 pic system, which implies it misses Apple CarPlay and golem automotive vehicle. However, at this level, this Ford hatchback still brings some additional niceties like rain-sensing wipers and particularly for the security suite. This includes a segment-first six airbags, whereas the Maruti Swift gets front twin airbags solely.

On the road

The Maruti Swift is high-powered by the tried-and-tested four-cylinder decree sourced one.3-litre turbo-diesel engine. there isn't any amendment in power output, that means it produces 74bhp and 190Nm of torsion like its precursor. we have a tendency to detected that on the go, one has to keep the revs hovering over 1900rpm for adequate response, particularly whereas travel in traffic. Post this, it will get additional vocal with the distinct engine clatter. Thankfully, what helps is that the incontrovertible fact that the Maruti Swift is lightweight, however even then, one has to perpetually go up and down the five-speed case to extract the foremost out of this engine. What works in its favour is that the lightweight clutch and therefore the crisp gear shifts.

The Ford Figo, on the opposite hand, gets a robust one.5-litre internal-combustion engine that produces 99bhp of power and 215Nm of torsion. This mill is relatively less yelling and includes a higher throttle response. The turbo lag is not that pronounced and post one,750rpm one will feel a pleasant tug. Sure, the Maruti Swift has the advantage of being lightweight weight, on the other hand the Ford Figo makes up for it with additional power and torsion. All an equivalent, some folks may not just like the rubbery gear shifts here and a touch heavier clutch with elastic action, particularly once driving in traffic. The highlight, however, is that not like the Maruti Swift, you don’t have to be compelled to perpetually shift gears to form progress and every one you would like to try and do is ride the linear torsion curve. Overall, you’ll appreciate its additional responsive nature that ultimately additionally makes it feel additional relaxed at high speeds too.

When it involves the ride and handling bits, the loose steering on the Maruti Swift would possibly feel easier to use than the tighter one on the Ford Figo, particularly whereas manoeuvring through traffic. And, although it will weigh up at higher speeds, it's not as precise because the Ford Figos, that additionally provides a much better feedback. however whereas taking a corner, one will definitely realise however sharpie, faster and additional planted the Ford Figo feels than the Maruti Swift. each the cars get gospeller struts within the front and torsion/twist beam sort suspension at the rear. however in fact, they're otherwise tuned and as a result the Ford Figo feels additional planted with its adept suspension. tho' tyre noise are often detected at triple-digit speeds, its high speed stability is extraordinary. Yet, the Maruti Swift absorbs bumps higher, whereas the sharpie potholes do send a jolt within the Ford Figo's cabin. All in all, the Maruti Swift, despite its lighter controls, is not as exciting to drive or confidence inspiring  because the Ford Figo.

Acceleration and driveability tests

Now on to our V-BOX tests, wherever the Maruti Swift completed the 0-100kmph sprint in twelve.12 seconds, the Ford Figo completed this effort in only ten.37 seconds due to the extra power. after we cross-check the town driving situations, the Maruti Swift performed the 20-80kmph roll-on check in third in eleven.28 seconds. Meanwhile, an equivalent check was accomplished by the Ford Figo in ten.53 seconds. Also, the in-gear time of eleven.65 seconds for the 40-100kmph run in fourth gear is kind of spectacular against the Maruti Swift's fourteen.2 seconds by a substantial margin. It clearly goes on to indicate however the extra torsion has helped the Ford Figo.

Fuel potency

Now, if you were expecting the Maruti Swift to be much more fuel-efficient than the Ford Figo, you're wrong. that is as a result of each the cars denote virtually identical figures. within the town, the Maruti Swift came fourteen.6kmpl whereas the Ford Figo delivered fourteen.14kmpl. Out on the road, the Ford Figo denote a fuel economy of nineteen.67kmpl, whereas the Maruti Swift nineteen.1kmpl. each cars then ought to be able to keep the fuel prices down for associate owner.


Rank two Maruti Suzuki Swift ZDi and Points 387

On-road value Rs ten,04,545

The Maruti Swift could be a all-around package, {a lightweightweight|a light-weight} automobile with light controls. It's quite zippy to drive and a nimble handler. though the engine doesn't feel as refined and powerful because the Ford Figo’s, it will manage to be additional fuel economical. But then, it's a trendy exterior, snug cabin and is neatly equipped. Also, it makes sturdy|a robust|a powerful} case for itself through its strong dealer network and high marketing worth. But then, what allowed the Ford Figo to race ahead during this check was the security and driving bits that the limited Ford merely excelled at.

Rank one Ford Figo metallic element Blu one.5 TDCi Points 397
On-road value Rs nine,00,493

Well then, the Ford Figo has clad to be the winner of this face-off by a good margin. For those homeowners World Health Organization area unit in a very hurry and do not need to seem adore it, the Ford Figo provides brisk acceleration, exciting handling and an attractive drive. It will lack some trendy options and would possibly look a lot of unpretentious with its less-than-graceful exterior styling. However, it's packed with the necessities and got your back with safety options at a rather lower price-tag. A well put-together product, that is additional satisfying to drive.

The petrol Maruti Swift has been utilized in some pictures for illustration functions solely.

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