Starts @ ₹8.1 Lacs / Petrol
                ₹8.69 lacs /Diesel 

Highlights :
PriceRs 8.1 Lakhs onwards
Engine1197 to 1497 cc
TransmissionManual and AMT
FuelTypePetrol and Diesel
Seating Capacity5
Mahindra's 1st ever premium compact SUV ticks all the correct boxes. it's nice, has many options and a robust internal-combustion engine. it's going to not have the simplest interior work and end and therefore the top-end variants is also expensive, however the XUV300 is a formidable product however.

How is MAHINDRA XUV 300 ?

Not too way back, we have a tendency to drove the Mahindra XUV300 and came away terribly affected with its diesel-manual drivetrain, however typically revisits ar so as particularly given the actual fact that nothing within the cheerful compact SUV phase stays still for long. now around, we've the diesel-AMT arrangement that looks to be all the craze at the meat finish of the market. Sure, it won’t set your pulse athletics however this XUV300 is as punchy and sensible as ever and currently with a diesel-automatic, it’s a lot of easier to drive and a lot of fascinating.

But is there something unaccustomed look at? The short answer thereto would be, no. the sole distinction on the surface is that the ‘autoSHIFT’ badge over the tailgate to allow you to recognize of the new convenience. In terms of dimensions, the XUV300 is wider and taller than each the Nexon and therefore the Hyundai Venue and its 2600mm distance is that the best-in-segment, too.

How is MAHINDRA XUV 300 From 
Inside ?

It’ an equivalent as its manual counterpart. You get a two-tone cabin that gives a commanding read over the road with a high seating position and smart visibility. not like the all-black insides of the Brezza and therefore the Nexon, there's AN insulated atmosphere to the XUV300’s cabin with a ocean of gloss black and silver trim giving it a brighter look. 

The XUV300 has the longest distance of all compact SUVs and it pays dividend direct whereby you have got many knee space to stretch out. The seats ar adjunct similarly and it’s an equivalent story at the rear wherever you'll notice over enough headroom. What’s unsatisfactory although is that the lack of underneath thigh support and therefore the modest legroom. Despite the distance, the knee-room is simply concerning average that is basically stunning. However, there's no surprise once it involves storage – throughout the cabin, there ar enough storage areas for your phone, wallet, bottles and plenty a lot of. You get a deep glove box which will work a laptop computer, many snug holes between the front seats, open receptacle on the dash and large bottle holders on all four doors.

The top-spec W8 (O) variant we have a tendency to had on check is loaded with segment-first options as well as seven airbags, twin zone climate management with memory perform, front parking sensors, heated mirrors, and disc brakes for all four wheels. alternative noteworthy options embrace a roof, control, push begin, animal skin seats, hill hold perform and a 7-inch flick system with smartphone mirroring technical school and navigation. even if it’s completely feature loaded, the flick system lacks the outright show crispness and easy use that the competition offers.

How will MAHINDRA XUV 300 drive?

Unlike the Nexon AMT which may be had with each gasoline or diesel power, the AMT’s pairing on the XUV is proscribed to the one.5-litre, four-cylinder internal-combustion engine that we have a tendency to ar fans of. additionally found within the Marazzo, this engine makes 115bhp at three,750nm and 300Nm between one,500 and 2,500rpm. Straightway, the foremost spectacular issue concerning it's that it makes most torsion from as low as one,500rpm that is usually smart for low speed drivability. Naturally, the XUV300 is easy right from the word go – be it low speed pulls or main road passes, any manoeuvre is completed with ease because of the robust bottom finish and mid-range. This engine pulls notably onerous within the midrange, with a gentle flow of torsion right till four,000rpm.

The XUV300 is additionally among the foremost silent performers in its phase. It gets a touch loud after you wring it, however the engine is lots refined and has over enough grunt to urge up to hurry with lowest turbo lag. As for the crux of this check, the six-speed AMT, it's far and away the smallest amount intrusive automated-manual we've encountered during this phase. At low speeds, the approach it responds to the throttle is commendable and therefore the back-and-forth motion between gear changes is amazingly lowest. the sole issue we have a tendency to don't like concerning this AMT is that the intrinsic  creep perform that might are a lot of refined. Designed to assist with locomotion ever slowly in slow traffic, the slightest move on the throttle finally ends up with you jarring forward. It’s best, then, to hide the foot pedal once driving in traffic.

What concerning ride and handling, you'll ask? Over unhealthy roads, the XUV300 AMT is simply as unruffled because the remainder of the vary. Low speed bumps and undulations ar handled lowest vibrations and plenty of plushness. Similarly, the ride remains composed at main road speeds and therefore the bump absorption is well controlled similarly. As for handling, the feedback from the steering is modified mistreatment totally different modes specifically traditional, Comfort and Sport. Honestly, there isn’t a lot of distinction in traditional or comfort however in sport, the steering delivers a lot of of that crucial weighty support at everyday speeds.

Should I obtain one?

Although more or less as spacious at the rear because the Nexon or as well-built because the Venue, the XUV300 still manages to be a formidable compact SUV. It’s visually appealing, amazingly fast and feature-loaded to the roof rails. higher still, the smooth-shifting AMT is fast and well mark to the potent ICE, giving a formidable driving expertise combining performance and drivability in equal live.

Where will MAHINDRA XUV 300 work in?

The XUV300 XUV300 00 AMT competes against alternative diesel-AMTs within the compact SUV area, specifically the Tata Nexon and therefore the Maruti Vitara Brezza.

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